Research activities

The scientific activity of the department members may be classified as a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary applications of computational methods and information technologies. In most of the cases the authors of projects execute also highly specialized computer programs necessary for carrying out computations. Among the main subjects of those works one can distinguish investigations of magnetic properties of solids, particularly electron structure and phase transition dynamics, topics in sociophysics, and theoretical modeling of physical processes in biological structures.

Staff of the department carries out highly specialized investigations into broadly understood information technology and systems research, in particular that pertaining to data analysis and exploration, computational intelligence, biometrics and automatic control.

Another mainstream of the scientific activity is the theory of electron nanostructures in semiconductors. Here the works focus on modeling semiconductor nanodevices, computer simulations of quantum computations for quantum dots, theory of electron soliton in semiconductor nanostructures, theory of electron transport in electron wires and quantum rings, theory of electron transport and electron localization in low-dimensional and disordered systems.