Theory of Nanostructures and Nanodevices Group

Our scientific activity focuses on theoretical studies of a wide class of quantum problems we come across in nanophysics. These mainly concern the calculations of the energy structures, conductivity, magnetic, spin and topological properties of low-dimensional materials like e.g. semiconductor quantum dots, wells and rings, layered van der Waals materials, semimetals and hybridized semiconductor/metallic/superconductor junctions. The characteristic feature of considered nanosystems are small spatial dimensions which are located in a range between a few up to hundreds of nanometers. At this scale the physical properties of nanomaterials become strongly dependent on applied external fields which can be intentionally used in controllable manner for nanoengineering of quantum matter as well as in designing of novel nanodevices like e.g. charge and spin nanotransistors, nanosensors, nanodetectors and nanoemitters of electromagnetic field or quantum logic gates of precisely designed functionalities, in other words, the quantum effects and properties which, we hope, would be utilized in future nanoelectronic devices. Nowadays such wide-ranging theoretical considerations requires conducting of the medium or large scale computer simulations, which actually became the essential part of our work and some people in our team are highly specialized in this field.